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Deciding is a quality that is tested every day. ScrapData makes it easy for you to make the right decisions thanks to a detailed analysis of the information in real time. Eliminate any doubt and guide your business to success.

Bussiness Analitycs

Customized platforms to help the best decision making in your business, we use different data sources, own, external, open data, etc. To generate the analysis that leads to the best decision, and all with updated data on a daily basis. Because today's decision is not the same as tomorrow's

BI Advance

One step forward in the integral transformation of your business. We apply mathematical algorithms to your data to provide a different vision, a qualitative advance in your decisions and predictions. Accompanied by adaptation programs for the greatest asset of your company, people. We design training programs to guarantee the implementation of cultural change in the current technological environment


The Internet is the global platform where you can increase your sales. E-commerce is the most important part of all success stories. We help you to be present with an efficient and successful e-Commerce. We assemble your transaction platform from scratch and feed it with your own data. We design your digital strategy.

Our projects

Our solutions are designed and customized for your needs, yet here are some ideas that we have already started.



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Multi sectorial

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Humans Resources

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Adapted and accesible technological services

  • 2018

    Our beginnings

    Illusion, Passion, Dedication begins the dream. We want to make accessible the technological tools that make companies great.

  • February/March 2018

    We work in silence

    Development of projects and long time manufacturing code....

  • March 2018

    The first agreements with our clients arrive!!!

    There is nothing like starting with those who know you, great professionals who have detected their needs very quickly.

  • April 2018

    Do you want to meet us?

    We go out into the world! The projects SdataV, SdataVO, SdataA, SdataCheck, SdataOne, SdataHR and all its variants adapted to any type os business or sector are born.


We are at your disposal for any questions or help we can provide. We will replenish you as soon as possible.